prova port

During the 2020 lockdown, I decided to go through all my photographic archive in support of an inner growth. “I needed the ocean” faces embarrassment and shame, whose degenerations have left a mark on my life. I realized photography was my way of taking a peek at the world: the camera was a sort of sticking plaster covering a wound, a filter to hide behind. It was my sense of detachment from the world. This series is a retrospective on the photographs I have shot, on the run, in the course of the years. Photographs represent my emotions and feelings during the erythrophobia attacks, from the uncontrollable reaction of blushing to the desire to disappear. Social phobias are often internal wars, manifestations of fear that contributes to the fluidity of contemporary society. Invisible prisons that leave the victims with a feeling that something is wrong, without having the possibility to extrapolate any understandable justification from the context. They make you feel alone where everyone feels integrated. “I needed the ocean” puts the accent on the photographic discourse and the way in which an image goes beyond the mere documentation and representation of a subject, to resonate with archetypes and the unconscious. In the sequence there is no need to provide documentary evidence of the facts. I question the actual way we see things, through a process of silent and dreamlike observation, to probe my shadows reflected in the world. My need is to begin a process of redemption and integration.
  • White horse in the black forest
  • woman laughing
  • Woman with water drops on the back
  • Man into the ocean with opened arms
  • lamp creates light on the wall
  • woman in the car with rain outside